Leadership Remarks


Over the past 30 years, sewing machinery industry in China has become the most indispensable part of global sewing machinery industry, and has developed into the most important market and development base for sewing machinery in the world. Meanwhile, China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA) has pulled together the whole industry and advanced with all the practitioners side by side. With great help and support from such practitioners, CSMA has managed to maintain the sound development of China's sewing machinery industry.


In future, China's reform will be strengthened day by day, and the aspects of reform will be increasingly expanded, which is bound to benefit the sewing machinery industry. Eventually, we will embrace a more ideal environment for development emphasizing orderly competition, fair play, and contract spirit, in which enterprises will be truly invigorated and become the key players of market development, competition and restructuring.


Taking into consideration the layout of globalized market, CSMA together with the whole industry will pursue markets with economic advantages in the world, consolidate resources effectively, exploit more comparative advantages, follow market regularities, and explore the path of scientific development. CSMA will keep focusing on the improvement of product quality, and will seek to make true the dream of becoming powerful with automation, efficiency, smartness, integration, energy-saving and environment-friendliness as technological targets, and profitability and competitiveness improvement as overall targets.


In the meantime, CSMA will further enhance amicable exchanges and reciprocally beneficial cooperation with international counterparts, and make contributions to the prosperity of global textile and apparel industry through undertaking the duties to accelerate the development of global sewing machinery industry, boost structural adjustment, and speed up industrial transformation and upgrade.