Founded in 1984, CSMA was formed voluntarily by companies, institutes and local organizations concerning with the production, sales, scientific research and teaching activities of the sewing machinery field. It is under the instruction of Chinese government and is in charge of the coordination and management among the whole industry.


CSMA is committed to the protection of the whole industry’s interests and members’ legal rights. The objective of CSMA is to promote the healthy and sustainable development of sewing machinery industry. We strictly implement the government’s policy, conduct surveys and researches, draw up development plans, promote sewing machinery’s structural adjustment, revise products quality standard, promote technical communications, collect economic information of the industry, foster professional market, assist members to exploit the market, regularize competitions within the industry, reinforce pre-warning system and reflect members’ demands to superior department.


Currently, there are 356 members in CSMA, which include a lot of world famous enterprises and local sewing machinery associations. The highest authority is the general assembly. The directors’ council takes charge of the CSMA affairs between sessions. Science and Technology Committee, Spare Parts Committee, Commerce Committee, Electronic Control Committee and Promotion Center of Technology Development are under the management of CSMA. Secreariat of CSMA is in Beijing which includes Office, Technique Department, Information Department, Finance Department and Expo Department which take care of routine work of CSMA.


CSMA is willing to cooperate with friends home and abroad to promote the development of the sewing machinery industry.